About Us

From the time we source our raw materials until they reach our end clients, we take great care to maintain high standards of hygiene and safety in the manufacturing of our products.

We are a unique fraternity of well-being experts striving together, with the common goal of improving human health. We accomplish this by helping people take the organic route. Diet has a direct impact on human health, and we help fine-tune your diet to cater to the needs of your body. Diet plays a major role in controlling health issues such as diabetes, cholestrol, liver problems, in addition to helping manage weight in case of PCOS and thyroid problems. We cater to individuals suffering from such issues, in addition to helping the general population attain and maintain optimal health.

Food need not always be correlated with just taste, when its primary role is that of providing nourishment. But there are exceptions, where you can enjoy the pleasure of good taste, in addition to taking care of your body’s nutritional requirements. This is what Health India provides you with. A stressful life, faulty food habits, frequent use of medications can take a toll on your health. Even “healthy” individuals are required to provide their bodies with the right set of nutrients to maintain that state of overall well-being.


With a healthy blend of proteins, carbohydrates, unsaturated fats, in addition to few of the most essential vitamins and minerals, we ensure you that our “7 day miracle, in a box” is fully capable of providing you with the advanced nutritional support your body needs. You’re free to prepare your meals according to your own discretion and taste because the simple inclusion of our product into your diet will work the wonders its meant to work, regardless of how you choose to consume it. Consistency is definitely important since the impact food has on your body, although direct, is also gradual. But again, you’re fully free to choose to consume our products week after week, or through alternate weeks, or follow any such other patterns to suit your nutrient requirements. So, get right to it.


The box comes with packets containing the food items you need to attain/maintain optimal health, because it enables your body to greatly support vital functions, growth, development and a fulfilling metabolism. It could potentially change your health profile, for the better, should you be diabetic, or suffering from liver problems, high cholesterol levels, or if you have weight management issues due to thyroid, PCOS, and other such conditions. Our key ingredients, i.e., broken wheat, brown rice, ragi, sorghum (jowar) and bajra, combined with a set of few other fully organic, “miracle” elements can work an absolute wonder on your body. We provide you with all the staples you need, in the form of 3 meals a day for 7 days a week, to keep you going for a whole week by helping you contribute to the bigger picture; the good health you need, to keep you going for a lifetime.